Uneide Art Productions

Book Box (2016)

Synopsis: Two boys from very different backgrounds discover that they have more in common than they imagine, and strike up a friendship at the neighborhood book-box.

Starring: Aiden Cumming-Teicher and Karim Fahmy

aidencummingteicher karimheadshot


Production stills: banner


The Sock Paradox ( 2015)


A boy is determined to convince his parents that there are monsters in his room he needs to vanquish. If they don’t help… he will have to take monster hunting into his own hands!


Doing our Part: Saving the Cowichan River ( Ashburnham Creek Salmon Fry Rescue) (2015)

Synopsis: This documentary was filmed in the summer of 2015 while our beautiful province of British Columbia was besieged by wildfires and drought. As our streams and creeks dry up, the salmon fry in them are left to die — bit by bit we are losing our most amazing rivers and the creatures that make them special. This is the story about one rescue operation near the Cowichan river ( Ashburnham Creek) around Canada Day.



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